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“It was fun, fast, and effective. Organization feels free & good. Thanks for all the suggestions and help. I’m on a roll!”  ~client

Jessica Crouch
Owner & Organizer

Can you relate: I feel called to be a mom AND something else. I want to be happy, live fully, and be kind. I have a passion for travel and enjoying life :).

Although I officially began my organizing business in the spring of 2003, I have been organizing for family and friends ever since I can remember. From household summer projects to small college dorms rooms, "Organized For You!" was created as an outlet for my passion to organize. Now I can share the peace and fulfillment of organization with you. My Bachelors and Masters in Engineering coupled with my experience in Ergonomics and minor in psychology provide me with a unique perspective on organization. 
Despite my passion, I eventually had too many part time jobs to keep straight and my organizing business was no longer fun because it got lost in the shuffle. Through a couple close friends, my curiosity unearthed another passion for natural health & wellness. I earned my first incentive trip (Hawaii) and attended my first conference that year . . . Shaklee had me at "hello" :).

The dreaming, vision, energy, and family captured my heart. I discovered a passion for health & wellness and ultimately the Heart of Shaklee. The Heart of Shaklee is the way I want to live my life, motivation when my expectations are not met, a reminder to always serve, and a vehicle for continuous improvement.

The Shaklee community has truly become family and supports our family in amazing ways! Plus the addition of Shaklee has helped me bring the joy back to organizing. If you also have big dreams for you and your family, may I share how Shaklee allows me to work from home with my kids, travel with family, make more time for faith & friends, live green, & provide a healthier, more active life for myself & family? My number one priority is to collaboratively create a health plan and organization that benefit you. Life is too short to worry and stress; with a little help, you will have more time & money to focus on being happy.  

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